Friday, October 12

Blogging on the other site...

I'll probably be blogging on my original site, Catpeople - since, as Prarie Biker brought up months ago, I'm not "Preggers" anymore...

Friday, October 5

Birth Story

Hmmmm...where to start. Well, remember that list the doctor gave me? "Ways to Initiate Labor"?

I tried the castor oil. What can I say? I was desperate. And it worked. Or at least my trying it coincided with the right timing to have the baby. The doctor was going to induce me on Monday and I knew didn't want that. So, the girls and I went out at lunch on Friday and bought the ingredients. Root beer and castor oil. I think the recipe was supposed to include ice cream for a root beer float type mixture but I skipped that.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Makes me want to gag just thinking about it! (So, I'll type fast.)

Drank the mixture. Tried to keep it down by lying on the couch for an hour...I thought: "If this feels this bad going in..." And I gave in to my nausea and threw the rest of the mixture up. Felt better immediately and decided to go to bed. The other effects kicked in and I visited the throne a few more times before getting a pretty good night's sleep. I woke up around 7:00 a.m. for another bathroom break water broke!!! Yayyyy! I actually don't remember feeling (or at least recognizing) labor pains/cramps until that point.

I told Mike that my water broke. He asked me if I was sure - "Sure, I was sure!" And I've never seen us get ready so fast. He took a shower and got everything ready to leave the cats for a couple of days in less than an hour. This process normally takes us both several hours but I guess we were motivated. I was trying to time my pains and it felt like about 5 minutes apart but what did I know really...I just knew it was getting more intense so I wanted to go in. I took a shower and made sure I had everything and away we went. And was able to call everybody on the way in to the hospital...

We got to Carle at about 8:45 or so. I was admitted and they confirmed that - yes, indeedy - my water had broken. They checked me and said I was about 2cm. Hmph. We settled in...looked around the place because she had suggested I walk a bit. I quickly tired of that and wanted to rest. We waited...

My timing seemed perfect - we were there early on a Saturday morning. I hadn't missed a day of work! I'd even worked a week longer that I'd ever thought possible. But, my doctor wasn't in on the weekends. He has a place in Chicago that he stays at every, I had the on call physician. No big deal really.

We met the doctor - she thought we should try some pitocin. My contractions seemed infrequent and not regular enough to make any progress. I'd heard that the administration of pitocin normally results in some fairly strong contractions so I asked for an epidural...They thought it was probably too soon. Again, I wasn't far enough along. Well, I wanted something. So, they gave me a little nubane and I conked out for a while. Could not keep my eyes open.

When I did wake up it was to realize that I was feeling some pretty strong contractions. They decided I could get the epidural and the anesthesiologist would be there in about 15 minutes. That time came and went...

I told Mike I needed something - could he go get them? Then - - I just knew that I had to push. RIGHT NOW. I asked Mike to go get the nurse. He had the ingenious idea to press the nurse call button. The nurse got came very quickly and said that I was, indeed, about to have the baby. Something that did and didn't surprise me.

I'd seen that lady on the birthing video. I'd seen them telling her she had to wait to push. I even remember the birthing instructor teaching us ways to keep from pushing. Well, there wasn't anything that seemed to keep me from that uncontrollable urge to push. I had a fleeting freak out thought about giving birth without the epidural. You hear so much about epidurals - and I wasn't sure I wanted one - but I knew that I probably needed one. Right?

I remember the nurse telling me not to push and my acting like that whiny lady on the video: "I have to push!!" Thankfully, the doctor came quickly and with a couple of pushes, Matilda was born. They placed her on my tummy and I looked at her. Decided right away that I thought she looked like her dad and I was very pleased. Mike cut the cord and said that he almost dropped the scissors on her head.

Not at all like I'd expected. Much easier in some ways. But, I'm a bit disappointed they only checked me once at 8 something in the morning and then upped my pitocin until - "Poof!" she popped out without checking my status again. But, I didn't have to think about hear about the seemingly slowly increasing centimeters...didn't have to anticipate labor really - it just sprung up on me. I was in labor for about 10 hours so I know I'm lucky. And now I can say I didn't have an epidural (maybe even pretend like that was my choice). :0)

And, what did all of that matter? I had a healthy little girl.

Thursday, October 4


Wow. I definitely didn't mean to quit blogging. Had the baby...wanted to blog the news but just couldn't find the time. AND we had dial up at our old place that was painfully slow...had a new baby to take care of and a house to pack up. The Woofs have moved!! We're in North Carolina...lots and lots of changes here...lots to blog about. Soon...

Monday, July 23

Doctor appt. update

Back from the doctor.

He offered to induce me on Wednesday! (Wow - that's quite an offer and it was hard to refuse.) He said he wouldn't let me go any later than Monday, so we're on the schedule for then. Hopefully, she'll come on her own before that time!

I'm at 2cm and 80% effaced. (I'm not sure if he had time to fib today - he had to go deliver two babies!)

They put the monitor on me and determined that Baby Woof is not stressed. So, we wait...

Why didn't I go with Wednesday, again?? ;0)

Still here!

She's still in here...and I'm here at work this morning. I have a doctor's appointment this morning...we'll see what he says. I don't want to induce - I've never thought of that as an option.....buuuuuut I am getting somewhat impatient. Although, I'm not so uncomfortable that I can't stand it. My hands and feet have been swelling at night and that drives me a little crazy, but I really can't complain. I mean, here I am at work a day after my due date. I never thought I'd work this long - thought I'd be propped up on the couch or something by now.

A definite date would be good. I know I can't ask for that though...and the due date passing this weekend was a bummer...

I hope I don't let him talk me into something...but I am a very impatient person too. I also know that inducing doesn't always work, can make labor more painful, creates a higher risk of having a C-section, etc., etc....

I still hope that this appointment will bring some clarity or something. I know we'll talk about options...and I know he's going to give me some speculation (any guess on a cm? I'll say that he'll probably say 3...whether it's true or not!)

Friday, July 20

Bellah pics...

at 39 1/2 weeks!

This next one is pretty shocking for me! I'm surprised I'm even posting it - but here goes nothing!

Monday, July 16

39 weeks

Well, I've been what I will call "downgraded". Went to the nurse practitioner this morning and I'm at 1 cm now (instead of the 2cm the doctor said last week).

I'm pretty disappointed. Prior to last week's appointment, I had myself psyched up that the baby would come on the due date or, most likely, be late...and then he told me she'd be here by today. I knew, knew, KNEW that wasn't the truth but somehow my gullible brain let me start believing it.

I guess the plus side is that the baby's room is ready. Everyone at my work is ready. Essentially, everything is ready. I keep picking up more items here and there - but I honestly can't say that there's anything I need. Maybe some rubbing alcohol in a bottle...but I already have alcohol wipes - which would work, right? I don't need the q-tip and the bottle if I have wipes, right? These are the crazy things I'm thinking about/doing now. Undoing things...and waiting.

I really did not want to be this person.

Friday, July 13

Baby steps...

I bought the Evening Primrose Oil capsules at lunch. So far I've had one...

And I'm drinking raspberry tea...two cups already...

She's kicking - but I think that's about it.

We shall see!

I hope she comes!

Wait - I'm not ready...